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Why You Need a Public Adjuster on Your Side

What Ask An Adjuster Can Do for You Before a Storm Hits

You might think that as a Public Claims Adjuster, we can only assist you when you need to file a property insurance claim, such as after a major storm or hurricane. But that’s actually not true! Ask An Adjuster can do so much for you or your business even before you need a claim filed. For instance, did you know we offer a free insurance policy review and free inspection? Here are some great ways we can serve you so you’re not caught unaware when you need your insurance company to come through for you.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

The National Hurricane Center predicts that 9 to 15 named storms, 4 to 8 hurricanes, and 2 to 4 major hurricanes will develop this year. We can’t predict where they’ll form or who they’ll strike, but we can prepare for the impact and take steps to provide ourselves peace of mind in the meantime.

That’s when Ask An Adjuster can help you. We can provide a free policy review or thorough 11-point inspection to uncover any hidden gaps in your coverage or property damage you didn’t even know you had. Read more on how to adequately prepare for a storm on our Hurricane Readiness page.

Insurance Policy Review

When is the last time you read over your property insurance policy? Are you familiar with all the exclusions? Do you have confidence that you understand what your insurance company covers and what it doesn’t? One of the services offered by “Ask An Adjuster” for free, is having your policy reviewed by one of our Licensed Public Claim Adjusters. We will go over the policy with you and point out any loopholes or gaps you may have missed so you can contact the insurance provider and make adjustments.

Free 11-Point Inspection

Window leak as seen in infrared.

Did you know Ask An Adjuster offers a FREE, thorough, 11-point inspection for your home or property? When you notice a strange smell, or spot cracks or discoloration in your walls or ceiling, call us first. We’ll schedule a thorough inspection with one of our licensed Public Adjusters at a time convenient to you. Our expertly trained adjuster will use advanced tools to check for moisture behind your walls or in attic spaces. We’ll evaluate your policy to determine if the damage is covered under your policy and even file a claim on your behalf.

But our 11-point inspection isn’t just a great deal for property owners with damaged property. Having a full inspection can provide you with peace of mind, so you know your home is in tip top shape going into this storm season. You’ll have confidence that there’s no hidden weakness or leaks already festering in your attic or behind your walls, just waiting for a storm to exacerbate the damage. Call today so we can set an appointment to have a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster examine your property and offer you a policy review for FREE.

Florida’s New Assignment of Benefits Law

Recently, Florida passed a new Assignment of Benefits bill stating that contractors are no longer allowed to use “Assignment of Benefits” to assist with claims for property owners.

This means that now, contractors won’t be able to directly receive your insurance benefits, which means it’s all the more important for you to hire a Public Adjuster to negotiate directly with your insurance company.

Filing an insurance claim can be an intimidating process, and most homeowners don’t know the process intimately. Educating yourself to be your best advocate takes lots of time. You’ll need to research terms, meet with contractors, make phone calls to your insurance company, and more. Even then, how will you know you’re getting the best outcome from your insurance claim?

When you file an insurance claim on your own, it’s like representing yourself in court. You can do it, but will you do it really well? Will you miss a step in the process that dramatically changes the outcome? Is representing yourself worth that risk? Wouldn’t an expert represent you better?

Our public adjusters are licensed and highly trained to be your advocate in any property insurance claim. This is our business, and when we file a claim on your behalf, we represent you. Our job is to make sure you get the best possible outcome from your insurance claim.

Ask An Adjuster is on Your Side

That’s why Ask An Adjuster is here. We provide an independent evaluation, one that takes time to listen to you and thoroughly check your property for damage. We routinely find things other independent insurance adjusters typically miss, due to the fact we use advanced tools and conduct an 11-point inspection, whereas most insurance companies only do a 4-point inspection.

Our inspection is always free and performed by a professional, highly-skilled, certified Public Adjuster. Our mission is to see that you get the settlement you deserve.

Having a Public Adjuster file an insurance claim is as prudent as having a good attorney with you when you need to be represented in court. You want someone who understands the system and has your best interests in mind so that you get the best possible outcome when you file a property insurance claim.

Three Things to Do Before There’s a Storm on the Horizon

  1. Visit Ask An Adjuster on Facebook for regular tips and updates.
  2. Check out our Hurricane Readiness page for valuable information on preparing for the next storm.
  3. Call Ask An Adjuster today to schedule a FREE policy review or 11-point inspection with one of our licensed Public Adjusters.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Can I Sue My Public Adjuster?

Ans: Well, it is really hard to answer without knowing the context and reviewing all the documents & facts. It is advised to consult with an attorney who can help with this regard

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