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Lightning Claims

Need Help with Your Lightning Damage Insurance Claim?

Lightning Strike in Florida

Lightning strikes can be very destructive to your property, even if they are "near misses" that strike the ground near your home or office. 

A Major Lightning Capital

Storm-prone states like Florida also run the high risk of lightning strikes, which can cause an estimated $30 million worth of damage every year to residents' properties. Central Florida, where Five Star's offices are located, experiences around 90 thunderstorms per year, peaking during the hot summer months. During these summer months, Brevard County can expect between four and six thousand lightning strikes per month, a staggering two hundred strikes per day!


Quick Facts About Lightning & Lightning Damage

Lightning strikes can cause damage to a wide range of personal property, including roof structures, appliances, furniture, and electronics. A lightning strike can be up to ten miles long, and is attracted to conductors like pipes, metal roofs, and trees. Lightning can also strike before a thunderstorm "officially" arrives, so even if there are storm clouds gathering far away, seek shelter immediately to maximize your safety. Because water is a great conductor of electricity, and human beings are mostly made of water, people can easily be struck by lightning if they are standing near another conductor during a storm. This is why you're always told to stay away from trees, pools, and large metal objects when a thunderstorm hits.

When a lightning storm hits, be sure to stay away from electronic devices and wall outlets. Unplug everything that isn't absolutely essential from the wall, make sure any pets or animals are safely away from potential storm damage, and never use your swimming pool as long as you can see storm clouds. A good rule of thumb is to wait 30 minutes after a thunderstorm subsides before going outside. If you hear thunder 30 seconds or less after seeing lightning, seek shelter immediately.

Fortunately, many insurance policies in Florida cover lightning damage, and Five Star Claims Adjusting specializes in clients seeking property insurance claims from lightning strikes. In the event of a lightning strike, call Five Star BEFORE you call your insurance company. Our Licensed Public Adjusters will uncover the full extent of the damage, keeping your interests in mind. From there, we will help you get the best settlement possible from your insurance company.

Five Star Claims Adjusting Works for YOU!

Five Star's Licensed Public Adjusters work for you, NOT your insurance company. Call Five Star BEFORE you call your insurance company. We will represent you during the entire insurance claim process. Our adjusters will do a thorough inspection, find any and all damages, and report those damages to your insurance company. They will then communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Even if you have already filed a claim, we can still help you. We may be able to find additional damage that your insurance adjuster overlooked. Call us for a FREE, no obligation inspection.

Don't wait, call Five Star today and let us handle your lightning damage claims.

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You are entitled to a fair settlement from your insurance company after a destructive lightning strike. Five Star will stand by you every step of the way.