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Roof Insurance Claims

Need Help with Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim?

Causes of Roof Leaks

There may be more damage to your roof than is visible from the outside. Ask An Adjuster will find ALL the damage and make sure you get the settlement you deserve.

Ask An Adjuster Works for YOU!

Ask An Adjuster's Licensed Public Adjusters work for you NOT your insurance company. Call Ask An Adjuster BEFORE you call your insurance company. We will represent you during the entire insurance claim process. Our adjusters will do a thorough inspection, finding any and all damages and report those damages to your insurance company. They will then communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Even if you have already filed a claim, we can still help you. We may be able to find additional damage that your insurance adjuster overlooked. Call us for a FREE, no obligation inspection.

Do wait, call Ask An Adjuster today and let us handle your roof damage claims.

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Leaking Roof Insurance Claims

Many people whose roofs have been damaged either by hurricane wind, storm wind, hail, lightning, or trees, don't end up getting enough money from their roof damage insurance claim to meet the deductible AND fix the roof.

That's where Ask An Adjuster comes in. Usually, the insurance company adjusters only look for damage in the outwardly visible areas. When quite often the damage goes much further. You may only have a few shingles missing, but that could have enabled water intrusion, causing massive damage to your walls.

Leaking roofs can cause a lot of damage, even if the damage looks minor from the outside. We will work to increase the chances of your roof damage insurance claim, even if it is not visible or apparent, so it can come back as an investment in the future when and if future insurance trouble presents itself.

Water damage from leaking roof

A leaky roof can cause damage long after your claim has been settled. Call Ask An Adjuster to get a thorough inspection of ALL possible damage before it's too late!