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Hail Storm Insurance Claims

Hail Damage Insurance Claims

hail storm roof damage insurance claim adjuster in Florida

Hail can leave significant damage to your home or property within minutes. Call Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting for an inspection.

Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting works for YOU!

Dealing with an insurance adjuster on hail damage can be a bit of a hassle. Let the certified public claims adjusters of Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting do a thorough inspection of your hail damage claim process for your property. We even inspect large boats and yachts! If you suspect you may have damage to your dock, give us a call and we can tell you whether you may have a claim for that as well.

Don't wait too long, call today if you have been through a hail storm and need help with an insurance claim!

If you think you may have ANY hail damage, call Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting immediately! (321) 701-1371

Did your house or business get damaged from a hail storm?

Hail storms come fast and are hard to predict. When it strikes, it can do untold amounts of damage to your house and vehicles. We have seen broken skylights and windows and damage to the roof. Roof damage is hard to see. You need a certified claims adjuster to do an inspection and make sure that ALL damage is accounted for.

Your roof may look ok, but all that hail pelting down on it can do damage that is not easily detected from the outside. It can lead to roof leaks and water damage inside your house.

Immediately after a hail storm, call Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting to schedule a FREE inspection of your property to record any damage. Your insurance company will typically only do an inspection of damage that is reported by you.

Our Public Adjusters are trained to run a thorough hail damage inspection to find any and all damage and file insurance claims on your behalf. They are trained to negotiate directly with your insurance company to assure that you get the best possible settlement for any damage incurred.

Hail damage to roof

Hail damage to your roof can be barely noticeable from the outside, but can cause water damage inside. Have a Ask An Adjuster claims adjuster come for a full inspection of your property.