Residential Insurance Claims Help From Five Star Claims Adjusting
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Residential Insurance Claims Assistance

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When you submit an insurance claim, your insurance company employs a professional adjuster who evaluates the loss and recommends a settlement.  Their Adjuster is looking out for your insurance company’s best interests.

Our purpose is to look out for your best interests! We work for you, not the insurance company! Our Adjusters prepare, file, and negotiate maximum dollar settlements for your insurance claims.

No matter if you’re a homeowner, a business owner, a commercial property owner, or a condo association; whether you’ve experienced roof, structural, or content damage, we can help you receive the insurance settlement you deserve.

Our Commitment to you is ongoing, even if your insurance company has already settled your claim for storms or events in the past. Five Star Claims Adjusting can still help. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for buildings, homes, and communities just like yours. Our inspectors can uncover damage you didn’t even know existed. And, our services are paid from your insurance proceeds, not out of your pocket.

Residential Insurance Claims Tips

  • Five Star Claims Adjusting represents residential claims of all sizes for single family homes, townhomes, condominium unit owners and apartment residents. We also work with condominium and homeowner associations and their property managers to manage property claims that impact common areas.
  • When a loss happens at your home, its effect can be devastating. Fortunately not all losses are so severe that your home will be unlivable. Regardless of the cause or the damage, it is important to make sure you are protected and any insurance adjustment as well as the resulting repairs are done correctly. Here are 7 reasons why you need Five Star as your personal insurance claim advocate: (see list below)
    1. We are a team of professionals with a construction and insurance background guaranteed to maximize your insurance claim.
    2. Your insurance company’s adjuster works for your insurance company and has their best interest in mind, Five Star works for you to give you the same advantage as the insurance company.
    3. We may be able to deliver a settlement even if your insurance company is no longer in business (But time is running out, so call us today).
    4. We take care of the inspections process, go over all necessary engineering costs, and assemble all the paperwork to make the strongest case possible for an equitable settlement of your claim.
    5. Our services are performed at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Our compensation is contingent on the insurance claim proceeds.
    6. We have been able to deliver huge sums of money to clients even after they had been told the claim did not exceed deductibles or there was no damage at all.
    7. Building may absorb a significant amount of moisture before anything is visually evident. You may have damage to your structure, windows, or roof that is not visible or you are not aware of. Our expert team will identify all deficiencies within your building and assemble the comprehensive claim documents in order to ensure the monies will be available to restore them to a sound condition.
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EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE DAMAGE, Five Star Claims Adjusting can do an 11-point inspection so that you have a Certificate of Good Condition before the next hurricane season.

This way, your insurance company will know that any damage occurred after the date of our inspection.