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Hurricane Damage Claims

Need Help with Your Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim?


There may be more damage to your roof than is visible from the outside. Five Star Public Adjusters will find ALL the damage and make sure you get the settlement you deserve.

Five Star Claims Adjusting Works for YOU!

Five Star's Licensed Public Adjusters work for you, NOT your insurance company. Call Five Star Claims Adjusting BEFORE you call your insurance company. We will represent you during the entire insurance claims process. Our adjusters will do a thorough inspection, find any and all damages, and report those damages to the insurance company. They will then communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Even if you have already filed a claim, we can still help you. We may be able to find additional damage that your insurance adjuster overlooked. Call us for a FREE, no obligation inspection.

Don't wait, call Five Star today and let us handle your hurricane damage claims.

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Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

Many people who have hurricane damage don't end up getting enough money from their insurance claim to meet the deductible AND fix the damage.

That's where Five Star Claims Adjusting comes in. Sometimes the insurance company adjusters only inspect damage in the outwardly visible areas, or areas that you report. When quite often the damage goes much further. You may only have a few shingles missing, but that could have enabled water intrusion, causing massive damage in your walls. This may also cause mold or other issues. Five Star's Licensed Public Adjusters use moisture meters to check the moisture in your walls. They provide an 11-point inspection that covers visible damage AND the damage you may not think of. That's because they work for YOU, not your insurance company. Five Star Claims Adjusting has your best interests in mind.

Typhoon over planet Earth - satellite photo. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

A hurricane can cause damage long after your claim has been settled. Call Five Star to get a thorough inspection of ALL possible damage before it's too late!