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What Does a Public Adjuster Do? How Can Ask An Adjuster Help Me?

Public Claims Adjuster

What is Claims Adjusting?

Ask An Adjuster works for you, not your insurance company. When you have damage to your home or business, our public adjusters assess the damage, so we can file a property insurance claim with your insurance company on your behalf. Most importantly, we stay involved throughout the entire process until your claim is resolved. Ask An Adjuster is a local business, operating as a public adjuster only in Florida, with a record of recovering more than $500 million in insurance proceeds on behalf of over 30,000 of our neighbors.

Our mission is to build a comprehensive claims package based on our knowledge, expertise, resources, and experience and walk you through the claim process, start to finish. Best of all, we work on a contingency basis, so that if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

At Ask An Adjuster, our public claims adjuster works for you, not your insurance company, to evaluate the damage to your home or business, so everything is thoroughly reported. We make certain you get the best possible result from your claim.

What Can a Public Claims Adjuster Do For You?

After Hurricane Irma, a local church discovered a roof leak. The church insurance policy had a $20,000 deductible, and at first, the leak seemed too small a repair to bother with the hassle of filing a property insurance claim. “I certainly did not want to add to my duties the task of working with an insurance claim,” Rev. Rose Whitham, Senior Minister at Unity Church, recalls.

Ask An Adjuster sent a licensed public adjuster to assess the church’s roof and evaluate the damage. What he discovered came as a surprise: the church needed a new roof. Ask An Adjuster submitted the claim, and a few months later, Unity Church received their settlement. Rev. Whitham told us, “The settlement was more than we would have expected, even after the deductible and Ask An Adjuster’s fee.”

Surprisingly a lot of people wonder what is a public adjuster & what can a public adjuster do for you? or who they are and what they can do for you. They are a mine of back up every insurer will need at some point in their lives for claims adjusting. It’s not as simple as getting insurance.

Public Claims Adjuster in Florida

Calling one of our public adjusters means having someone who understands your needs on your side. One of Ask An Adjuster’s claims adjusters can evaluate the extent of the damage to your home or business and help you decide about filing a claim. When you decide to file a property insurance claim, we will handle the process from start to finish with you, and we make sure you get the best possible result.

If you’ve been faced with damage to your home or business, call Ask An Adjuster today for a free claim review, free inspection, or free advice. If you’ve already filed a property insurance claim, it may not be too late for one of Ask An Adjuster’s claims adjusters to help you. Call us now to speak with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a public adjuster get paid?

Ans: A Public Adjuster will not take any payment without winning you your fair owed share of the claim.

What should you not say to an insurance adjuster?

Ans: Think of insurance adjusters as the insurance company’s only means of not paying you the deserved claims amount, if they do payout.

Call Ask An Adjuster for a free inspection to get the most out of your claim’s settlement.

Can a public adjuster work for a contractor?

Ans: It is against the law for a public adjuster to act as a contractor on a claim.

What should I ask a claims adjuster?

Ans: If you are speaking to your public adjuster, then ask them what they need to know to get you the highest possible settlement amount.

What is the role of a public adjuster?

Ans: A public adjuster’s role is to work against the insurance company to win you the best possible insurance claim settlement through their expertise in the field.