How to File an Insurance Claim with a public Adjuster

How To File An Insurance Claim: A Step By Step Guide

What is an insurance claim? The process of formally notifying the insurance service provider about the damages to your property or any other insured item or materials, even death in case of life insurance policy, is considered as an insurance claim. Filing an insurance claim all by yourself is not always an easy task. Without

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3 Ways Property Adjusters Helps Property Managers

If your home or apartment building ever gets damaged due to a storm, or some other natural disaster, or even fire, you should contact the public adjusters from Ask An Adjuster as soon as possible. The adjusters will respond quickly to your call, adjust your properties, and inspect the properties thoroughly to find out all

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Ways To Secure Your Property For Long Term Care

Ways to Secure Your Property and Long Term Care Insurance Claims

In what possible way can I secure my property? Has this question ever whirled up in your head? If so, then this article is where you’ll get all the answers. Especially if you are looking for long-term care insurance, Florida-centered, this guide will be of real help.  Investing in your property can be a wise

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Ask An Adjuster Founder Kevin Downs Talks About the Recent Hailstorm

Hailstorm Drops Golf Ball Sized Hail on Brevard County Residents Florida residents were in for a wild Wednesday morning when a severe hailstorm pummeled Central Florida. On March 27, 2019, a powerful hailstorm swept through Brevard County, causing property damage and dumping rain and record-size hail on our residents. In some places, the hail piled

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