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Sinkhole Claims

Need Help with Your Sinkhole Insurance Claim?

sinkhole insurance florida

Sinkholes may be unusual occurrences, but they can lead to widespread property damage to your home or business.

Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting Works for YOU!

Ask An Adjuster Licensed Public Adjusters work for you, NOT your insurance company. Call Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting BEFORE you call your insurance company. We will represent you during the entire insurance claim process. Our sinkhole insurance adjusters in Florida will do a thorough inspection, find any and all damages, and report those damages to your insurance company. They will then communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Even if you have already filed a claim, we can still help you. We may be able to find additional damage that your insurance adjuster overlooked. Call us for a FREE, no-obligation inspection.

Don't wait, call Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting today and let us handle your sinkhole insurance claim.

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Sinkhole Insurance Claims

Florida is one of the most vulnerable states when it comes to sinkholes. The fl sinkhole map can be a difficult decision to purchase your home in.

Similar to California with earthquakes, sinkholes are more likely to appear in states like Florida and Alabama where there is a high water table, than anywhere else in the country.

Sinkholes can lead to ground collapse, which can cause catastrophic damage to your property. Which is why Florida sinkhole claims are a rather common insurance policy that many Floridians opt for.

While your Florida insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the property damage caused by the sinkhole, our Licensed Public Adjusters keep YOUR interests in mind and uncover the full scope of the damage to your home or business. Their thorough inspection will uncover any additional damage that may not be outwardly apparent.

They will then negotiate directly with your insurance company until you get the settlement you deserve.


Ask An Adjuster Claims pledges to helping you through every step of the insurance process, until you get a settlement that satisfies you.