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Ask An Adjuster Testimonials

Initial insurance offer: Below Deductible
Ask An Adjuster Negotiated Settlement: $3,100,000

babcock check 1.2 million

Initial insurance offer: $10,000
Ask An Adjuster Negotiated Settlement: $21,291.53

Cocoa  Beach Chamber Settlement Check
Unity Testimonial Letter for Five Star Claims Adjusting

"Ask An Adjuster handled my claim quickly...

...and professionally. They communicated with throughout the entire process & quickly settled my claim. I hope to never have another insurance claim, but if I do, I would definitely be using them again."

- Laura P.

"Curtis Parry and staff worked tirelessly... help us with our insurance claim after Hurricane Matthew. The entire process was new to me, and Curtis made sure we were kept informed along the way. They were present for all inspections, gave me great advice on which items should be repaired first, and so much more. Without their help we would have never been able to obtain payment from our insurance company."

- Kellie B.

"I was very pleased...

...with Ask An Adjuster Claims Adjusting! They spent time to inspect
everything and prepared a very thorough report for my insurance
company that initially refused to pay for damage caused by hurricane Irma. As a result my insurance paid. It was a great experience to work with Ask An Adjuster! They kept me informed about my case all the way and everything they promised on time. Also, no surprise bills! Thank You!"

- John T.

"I highly recommend Ask An Adjuster!

After Hurricane Irma, I had to file a claim for the first time ever. I tried to do it on my own but the process was very confusing. I wasn't getting anywhere with my insurance company. I remembered hearing good things about Ask An Adjuster, so I signed up with an Adjuster. He was so helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me through my lack of understanding how the process
works. He answered all calls/emails promptly and I feel he went above and beyond for my claim. His office staff was also very friendly and called almost weekly with an update, so I wasn't left wondering where we were in the process. If you need to file a claim, use Ask An Adjuster!"

- Ashley B.