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Everything You Need to Know about Five Star’s 11-point Inspection

Whether you currently have damage or just want a free baseline inspection as proof that you have NO damage, Five Star can help. Just fill out the form below and one of our friendly Public Adjusters will contact you to set up an appointment.

Five Star Claims Public Adjuster using an infrared camera

Five Star Public Adjusters use infrared sensors to find any moisture in your walls. 

Five Star Claims Adjusting performs 11 point inspections for both damaged and undamaged homes.

Why should I get an 11-point inspection?

Anytime you’re unsure whether you have damages, it’s prudent to call Five Star and arrange for one of our public adjusters to come out and give your property a thorough 11-point inspection. If you can visibly see damages, an 11-point inspection will help you determine the full extent of the damages all at once rather than finding them bit by bit in other ways. It’s important to know the full scope of what’s been damaged as quickly as possible. Statutes of limitations mean you only have a certain amount of time to file a claim for hurricane or other damage.


Why get an 11-point inspection if I don't have any damage?

If you believe you have no damages, then getting an 11-point inspection will give you the additional security and peace of mind that your home is in good repair. We offer a Certificate of
Good Condition to property owners with no damage. This means that later, if you have damages, you can prove to your insurance company that the damage happened after one of Five Star’s public adjusters inspected your property.

How is Five Star’s 11-point inspection different than what my insurance adjuster or contractor will do for me?
A contractor like a roofer or construction company will inspect only the areas within the scope of their work. Your insurance company will offer an inspection as well, but it will be a much less complete, 4-point inspection, compared to what we offer. In an 11-point inspection, Five Star Claims Adjusting will examine every square inch of your home. Have a shed or dock? We’ll inspect those, too, and we’ll use every option in our tool belt to see what’s covered by your policy. We also provide a Certificate of Good Condition to property owners whose homes or businesses have no damage.
The best part is, the whole inspection is FREE! Construction companies or contractors aren’t going to offer you that.

How do I set up my 11-point Inspection today?
Setting up your 11-point inspection is easy! Simply call our office at (321) 701-1371 or submit the above form, and we will schedule your inspection at a time convenient for you. We have 35 public adjusters in Brevard County, and 80 adjusters available statewide to support you through the entire process of inspection or filing a claim.