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Roof Leaks

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Roof Leaks

What to do when noticing a roof leak and how to get paid for by insurance

No one ever wants to find water leaking from their ceiling. Whether you are home when the leak starts or come home to it, it is important that you take immediate action to avoid further damage to your home.

Contain the Leak
If you find water dripping from bulges or discoloration in your ceiling, it’s likely that water is pooling on the other side of that bulge or dark spot. Grab a bucket, trash can, or some other container and place it under the site of the drip or suspected leak. You may even want to consider propping up a board inside the container so the drips hit the board and not the accumulated water. This will minimize the repetitive dripping sound.

If you are confident you know where the leak is coming from and can safely get to the source, cover the exterior surface with a large tarp. If you can’t reach it, or feel unsafe doing so, it would be best to immediately contact a roofing professional. Many credible roofing companies offer emergency tarping services. As you may already know, unfortunately if your roof is actively leaking due to weather, a roofing professional cannot repair the leak until that weather has stopped. The tarping service will act as a temporary fix to minimize the damage inside your home until your roofer can fix the problem. If you are unable to get a contractor to come out to perform temporary repairs, you have duties as a policyholder to ensure any damages do not get worse. As your Public Adjuster, we will guide your through your rights and duties as a policyholder to avoid any potential pitfalls later in the claims process.

Call YOUR Public Adjuster
If water accumulates and pools, the entire ceiling could collapse. This is where having a licensed Public Adjuster is crucial for this type of damage. When you submit an insurance claim for damage to your home or business, your insurance company sends out an adjuster who inspects and evaluates your loss, recommends a settlement, AND looks out for your insurance company’s best interests. Our Public Adjusters work for you, NOT for your insurance company.

On average, during our FREE home inspections, we find over 50% hidden damages when it comes to water damage/leaks and can eliminate the risk for a potential denial from your insurance company. On the outside, your roof might look like it’s in perfect condition, but we often find those damages from past storms that have not surfaced yet, until the next rain storm passes. Do not assume that you are not covered by your insurance policy. In addition to our FREE inspection, our licensed adjusters provide a FREE policy review to determine if you in fact have coverage or not, then will advise you of best next steps. Insurance agents are an integral part of the homeowners insurance process, but they are not insurance experts and can only help you to a certain point in the claims process. The State of Florida provides us our license as a Public Adjuster for a reason, policyholders need an insurance professional on THEIR side looking out for their best interest, NOT the insurance companies. If your insurance company owes you a check for your home repairs, would you want it? Call us today and be 100% sure so you are not paying out of pocket for repairs you could be owed a large check for. We are YOUR property insurance expert and advocate. Don’t let the people writing the check tell you how much you are owed. As your Public Adjuster, we do a thorough 11-point inspection in order to find ALL damages to your home to ensure you get the maximum settlement you deserve.

Fix That Leaky Roof
Once your Public Adjuster has been able to determine the full scope of damages and you have done everything you can to minimize the damage to your home, it’s time to get your roof fixed. To be sure it’s fixed right the first time and never returns, you should call a licensed roofing contractor. When working with your AskAnAdjuster.com Public Adjuster, we will be able to provide you a list of qualified, licensed, and trusted contractors to assist you with this crucial step of the repair process.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right contractor:

  • Get several quotes from different companies
  • Make certain your contractor is licensed, insured and will pull all required permits
  • Be sure your contractor agrees to locate and repair all wood damage before re-roofing your home
  • Ask your contractor to outline specific maintenance instructions for your new roof
  • Ask about the guarantee and the expected life of the roof
  • Be sure your contractor agrees the roof must pass municipal inspection before the work is considered complete

Do not allow the work to begin until you’re comfortable that each of these important requirements has been met. Also beware of fly-by-night companies that may try to take advantage of you – especially soon after any type of natural disaster.

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