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Matthew Rhead, PCA

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Matt Rhead, PCA

Matt Rhead

About Me:

Matt was born and raised in Dayton Ohio.  He graduated from the University of Toledo with a double major in both marketing and management.  Shortly after, he moved to Tampa in 2001 where he eventually met his wife of 10 years and has two amazing daughters.

Matt began with Ask An Adjuster in 2010 as an apprentice.  After completing a 12-month apprenticeship he passed the state exam to become a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.  With over 10 years of experience handling insurance claims for residential and commercial policy holders, he proudly holds the Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist designation.

His experience as a licensed property & casualty insurance agent taught him how the other side works.  As an agent he saw firsthand how the insurance companies operate including their policy and premium underwriting practices as well as their claims handling strategies.   He gained two years of experience working directly for a large, on-site property management group that managed a 5,000-unit condominium.  He led the claims handling division and worked closely with the association and the board of directors.

Matt is currently a state licensed Public Adjuster appointed through the Department of Financial Services.   As a licensed PA, Matt consults, strategizes and advises policyholders including residential, property management companies, CAM’s, and contractors to adjust the claim to the maximum benefit of the policyholder.  He specializes in roof damage claims and water loss claims.  He has extensive experience properly handling mold concerns, remediation, and mitigation efforts.

Contact Info:

Matt Rhead
Public Claims Adjuster, PCA, CLCS
License #W002445
Cell: (813) 340-6439 |e:
4350 W. Cypress Street, STE 102
Tampa, FL 33607
Office: 813-324-6366 |Fax: 321-999-7528
Toll Free: 877-275-0275

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Recent Reviews

Public adjusters often play a critical role in assisting our customers recoup money from their insurance company for mold and water damage claims. Matt has been very successful in this role. Our customers find Matt to be responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and strategic approach through the process is refreshing and invaluable to the families we work with. Every step of the way, Matt finds time for answering questions, answering calls and answering texted messages. I would highly recommend hiring Ask an Adjuster for your insurance claims. " - 
Al Rabin, Founder and President Certified Mold Assessments, Inc.