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Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Policies

Whenever your family goes through a disaster, like your house getting damaged due to a fire accident, it must be your top priority to take care of your family. During that time, you are also up for facing other problems, such as claiming your insurance and dealing with the agents of your insurance company. And all these can become really hectic and problematic, and your insurance company might try to take full advantage of that and makes you settle for a far less amount than your claim or you deserve. 

And to take care of all these problems for you, Ask An Adjuster is here. Ask An Adjuster will take care of all the insurance settlement-related problems and give you the time you need to take care of your family and other related issues. Let Ask An Adjuster take the pressure off by helping you file a fire and smoke damage insurance claim and negotiate directly with your insurance company.

We are certified Public Adjusters and are licensed to negotiate directly with your insurance company. Our public adjusters will do a very thorough inspection of the fire damage and make sure that everything is addressed by your insurance company. We will try our best to help you get the best possible settlement, and if the insurance company anyhow tries to deny your claim by finding loopholes or pay you less, we will do our best to fight against it. An Ask An Adjuster’s Licensed Public Adjuster will file a claim on your behalf and negotiate directly with your insurance company, leaving you time and peace of mind to take care of your family.

Smoke and Fire Damage Insurance Claims

If you have a fire insurance policy, it will cover different kinds of damages depending on the policy. In general, your homeowners’ insurance policy should include coverage for fire accidents and damages. It is also possible to get an additional fire insurance policy for further safety as well. Insurance provisions that cover fire damage claim will offer benefits for wildfires and accidental fires for the most part, such as unintentional kitchen fires. In case of a fire accident, if you have an insurance policy that covers fire and smoke accidents, they usually cover the things mentioned below-

  • Personal Belongings
  • Structural Repairs
  • Landscaping and Grounds
  • Outdoor Structures
  • Contents of the building
  • Cost of the rebuilding process of the home
  • Additional living expenses while you wait through the repairing process.

Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims and Problems

Insurance companies try to deny the claim of the homeowners very frequently. In fact, in most cases, they try to blame the homeowner and hold them responsible for arson, which means insurance companies blame the owner for intentionally burning their own house. Cause they won’t have to pay any money in case of arson. Companies can also find other loopholes and reasons to deny the claim. Also, many insurance companies can engage in bad faith practices these days to take advantage of the claimant of the insurance and increase their profits.

They can provide you many reasons such as lack of evidence, missing the deadline, lack of documentation, policy not covering the specific thing that happened, etc. But don’t worry if they try to wrongly deny your claim. You can always have the help of a public adjuster, who will take care of the case and deal with the insurance company so that you can have a win out of the whole deal and get paid based on your claims.  

Fire causes a lot of property damage in Florida every year and if your property has been among those, then Ask An Adjuster can help you. Our public adjuster will file either a fire damage insurance claim or smoke damage claim on your behalf and make sure to get you the settlement you deserve.

You have enough to worry about. If you’ve had a house fire, you are probably displaced from your home and have immediate needs like clothing and supplies. Your insurance claim is probably the last thing on your mind.

Our job is to make sure that you get the best possible settlement that is due. We will navigate your policy coverages and requirements, take photographs, document all the damages, and file your claim with your insurance company on your behalf. Your Ask An Adjuster Public Adjuster will coordinate all inspections with any and all insurance company adjusters, contractors or engineers and attend any mediation should there be a dispute.

Ask An Adjuster works for YOU, NOT your insurance company.

Call Ask An Adjuster BEFORE you call your insurance company, not after you contact them and they try to deny your claim or settle with a less amount. We will represent you during the entire insurance claim process. Our adjusters will do a very thorough inspection, finding any and all damages, and report those damages to the insurance company. We will measure the damages, how much it will cost to repair and rebuild everything, and how much your additional living expenses will cost during the whole process. We will then communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Already filed a claim, we can still help you.

Even if you have filed a claim already, we can still help you. The adjuster sent by the insurance company might overlook many of the damages you have to save themselves some money. Also, there might be damages that might cost you later, even though it doesn’t seem like a problem at first look. The adjuster might make mistakes, too, and might misinterpret some of the clauses of your insurance policy. We may be able to find additional damage that your insurance adjuster overlooked. We can give you full clarity about your policy after reviewing it, which the insurance adjuster might fail to do. Call us for a FREE no-obligation inspection. 

If we do not recover any funds, then we don’t collect payment. No recovery. No Fee.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How Do I Know if My Damage is Covered?

Ans: You need to review your insurance policy and specific terms of it. If you don’t have the policy at hand, then contact the company immediately and get them to send it to you. And start with the declarations page while reviewing it, and then you can get the knowledge you need regarding your coverage.

Q. What Are the First Steps I Should Take After a Fire?

Ans: After a fire, you need to immediately start documenting the damages you faced. And you also need to gather all the information and documents related to the damaged property. These documentations will be important during your insurance claims. Also, you need to take pictures of the damaged and surrounding areas because you will need proof of everything afterward. You should take pictures both before and after cleaning the debris, and even during the cleaning process too. Then you can hire an experienced public adjuster that can help you with filing your claim and numerous other things.

Q. Can I stay in my home during the fire damage restoration process?

Ans: This mainly depends on the level of the damage you have faced, the layout of your home, and finally, you and your comfort level. Your insurance company might recommend staying at a hotel or some other off-the-site house as an alternate plan and covering the expenses based on the policy.

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a public adjuster to help me through the insurance claiming process?

Ans: An experienced public adjuster has the knowledge of navigating the claim process properly. They are skilled in analyzing and understanding insurance policies, the language of the policies, settlement negotiations, and damage estimation. By hiring a public adjuster, you can ensure the fastest claim process and the best settlement possible, and you won’t even have to deal with your insurance company and go through all the hassles.

Q. When can a private adjuster be hired to provide help for insurance claims due to fire damages?

Ans: You can hire a private insurance adjuster during any stage of the insurance claiming process. Some claimants hire public adjusters when the insurance companies deny their claims or try for a settlement for a lot less amount than their claims. Or some people hire adjusters when they are facing a huge delay during the settlement process. But it is wise to hire one at the start of the whole process. Thus you can get professional help during the full settlement process.

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