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Roof Replacement Claims

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Roof Replacement Claims

Roofing Repair and Replacement Claims in Florida

Does homeowner’s insurance cover roof replacement or repair? That depends.

Generally, most ‘all-perils’ insurance policies will cover the cost of roof repair or replacement if it becomes damaged. However, this coverage typically only extends to damage caused by an act of nature or a sudden accident, not that caused by general wear or failure to maintain the property.

When it comes to Florida roofs, Hurricanes and storms are a leading cause of roof damage and leaks. IN fact, in 2018 alone, data from insurance aggregates revealed more than 750,000 insurance claims for damage due to residential property.

As a state vulnerable to often severe storm seasons, residents and businesses are no stranger to tropical storms, hurricanes, strong winds, lightning strikes and more.

Key Takeaways For Florida Residents:

  • Roof damage as the result of an act of nature, accident or sudden event is typically covered by homeowners’ insurance policies
  • A roof that has been gradually deteriorating often will NOT be covered by insurance
  • Those roofs that are more than 20-years old may only qualify for partial coverage (if any)
  • If the event of damage, contacting your insurance company ASAP is advisable

Tips for Filing a Roof Replacement Claim in Florida

Review Your Insurance Policy Ahead Of Time

No one enjoys fine print and insurance jargon, but having a good understanding of what your policy does, and does not cover, can help you plan accordingly. Roofing disasters are never planned, but you can be prepared. Knowing what is and isn’t covered can give you the knowledge needed to negotiate with your insurance company from a position of strength, if needed.

Having difficulty understanding your policy? Contact us for a free review. Our public adjusters can help you understand your policy, rights and coverage. We’ll make sure you never get cheated out of money you’re owed.

Assess the Damage (but only when its safe to do so)

If you have reason to suspect roof damage, understanding the scope of the repairs prior to contacting your insurer can aid you with your claim. Only inspect the area when it is safe to do so, and make use of your camera and notepad for documentation.

Be sure to:

  • Take pictures of the damage
  • Note the date and time the damage occurred
  • Include details about what caused the damage (i.e. a storm, wind, etc.)

Obtaining an Estimate for Roof Replacement

Although your insurer’s adjuster will have their own thoughts on the cost of repair work, don’t ever rely solely on their findings to determine the true roof replacement or repair costs for your home or business. Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. This bias could have them putting the insurance company’s bottom line ahead of your needs in some cases.

We suggest obtaining at least one, but preferably 1-3 professional estimates from local roofing contractors. However, unless multiple estimates are required under the terms of your policy, only present your insurance company with ONE of them. When presented with several estimates, insurers tend to just go with the lowest bidder, not the best contractor for the job. Make sure these estimates are on company letterhead and in writing, including the roofing company’s contact information in case the insurance company has questions.

Don’t Waste Time

Waiting to file a claim is one of the worst things you can do. Roofing damage can be dangerous to home and health, but it can also let in moisture, causing further destruction that may not be covered by insurance.

Remember, most policies WILL cover storm damage, but not damage caused by the negligence of the homeowner (i.e. failing to make repairs in a timely manner), nor damage considered regular ‘wear and tear’.

Protect Your Florida Home from Further Damage

As a home or business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that any damage done by a storm, hurricane or accident does not result in further damage to your property. In fact, many insurance policies are very clear about the property owner’s responsibility to prevent additional damage. This may be as simple as placing and securing a tarp over the roof as a temporary fix.

Document Everything

Insurance claims can easily turn from simple matters into complicated cases, heated negotiations, and even outright denials. Keeping a documented record, preferably in an email or other correspondences where a log is maintained, is ideal. This may provide you with the evidence needed to support your claim in future negotiations, and could be the difference between you getting paid out what you’re owed, and suffering part or all of the roof repair bill on your own.

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Push You Around

Insurance companies may ultimately watch out for their own best interests. This often manifests as an insurance claim denial or partial coverage for Florida residents. Don’t get stuck holding the bag and responsible for massive out of pocket expenses for roof replacement.

You are entitled to fair trade pricing for the type of coverage detailed in your policy. Hiring our public adjusters can position your claim for the best chance of success and the highest payout. As licensed and professional adjusters in Florida, we know what insurance companies need to approve the right payout under your policy. We can often work with denied or partial claims to re-open your case and get you the payout you deserve.

What Can I Do If My Roof Repair or Replacement Claim is ‘Stuck’ or Denied?

Receiving an insurance denial can be heartbreaking and frustrating. You put your trust in your insurance company, reliably paying your premiums and expecting them to be there for you in your time of need.
Unfortunately, all too often Florida residents find that their claim for roof damage due to hail, wind, hurricanes or other acts of nature or accidents are denied.

If you too received an insurance denial, don’t give up. Put a public adjuster from our company on your side and let us do what we do best. We work on the side of policyholders, ensuring that insurance companies pay what they are required to under the terms of its policy.

We know how to build an insurance claim the right way, from documentation of evidence in your favor, to highlighting policy terms and providing a professional, in-depth examination that can aid in getting your claim approved in full.

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Why Choose Ask An Adjuster as Your Public Adjuster?

Our state-of-the-art Thermal Imaging Inspection helps our Florida public adjusters find hidden damage you didn’t know was there.

Regardless if you have submitted a claim or not, our public adjusters can review your property or current claim.

Our Florida Public Adjusters specialize in all types of property claims including storm, water, fire, lightning, tornado, sinkhole, appliance leaks, plumbing damage, and more.

If we aren’t successful, our Florida public adjusting inspections, estimates, submissions and communications cost you nothing.

Our Florida public adjusting team works hard to restore our communities for its business owners and residents.

Our Ask An Adjuster team consists of professionals from all backgrounds, working together to assist you with your Florida insurance claims.

What our clients are saying

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“Heather was very professional and efficient! She handled all of the difficult stuff that comes with filing a claim with your homeowners insurance. Would definitely recommend.”

Ashley Powell

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“Fred & Roger Wow!!! My case with them took only 3 months. My insurance company was a pain in the butt. Fred and Roger made sure I got my roof replaced in a great time frame. They got me the money I needed for my entire roof project due to damage done from hail storm and past hurricanes. Not only were they there every time my insurance company showed up. But they also made sure the insurance company wrote every single piece of damage down. These two will not fail you. 1am a veteran and a lot of people don't care about veterans but these 2 kind human beings made sure I was fully taken care of. Needless to say I will never go back to that insurance company but I will go back to Ask An Adjuster if Ineed help with anything else. Thank you so very much Also Everyone in the entire office was welcoming and caring."

Dhari Sena

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“This was the second time we worked with Kathy and this was a total breeze! We had hail damage from last March 2019 and she was still able to submit the claim and get it covered for us in less than a month! This was a super fast process and she got us more money than the insurance had originally proposed.”

Lexie Marchetti

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“Luci is my Adjuster. Very professional, on time, very knowledgeable in what he is doing and will deliver what he promises. He will walk you through every step of the process. Follows up by phone and emails. He will hold your hand and guide you. Very honest and trustworthy. I will recommend him over and over.”

Clare Campbell

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“We had 6 different insurance claims resulting from Irma. As an HOA president, I vetted 4 public adjusters. Five Star Claims Adjusting vetted out the best for our needs. They are professional, experienced and focused on their mission. They were successful in all 6 cases getting us the funds to repair our damages, which was significantly more than the insurance companies first offered.”

Ken Coggins

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“Professionals from the moment I contacted them. Worked with Lennette E. and she was very communicative and easy to contact from the start. Sat down and walked us through step by step, and was always available to answer our numerous questions with sincere interest. She was very knowledgeable on each step and was spot on about how the timeline of the process and what it would/could take. I recommend Ask an Adjuster to all who ask us about our roof. Thank you for all your help in this stressful process. Never felt such a sense of relief when she took over! Thank you, Lennette!”

Tracy Keller

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“Great service provided! Richard kept in contact every step of the way. He was friendly and awesome to work with! Explained things when i needed it and even did his best to always get me an answer! This process was smooth with no hiccups thanks to Richard.”

Marissa Ricknauth

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“Brian Knowles made getting my roof replaced so easy. I’ve recommended Brian and his company to my friends. Two of them have are using them.”

Scott Lahodik

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“We used Ask An Adjuster when they were 5 Star and couldn't be happier. We were at the negative end of dealing with our insurance carrier over hurricane damage when we contacted 5 Star. Chuck Keith stepped in, and within a relatively short time, the claim was resolved in our favor. All we did after contacting 5 Star was to sit back and watch Chuck do his magic. They saved us thousands of dollars!!!
From what we see, the rebranded Ask An Adjuster is now bigger and better. We have signed up for the FREE inspection program and have breathed a hugh sigh of relief as we approach another hurricane season.”

Maureen Moore

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“The claim Adjuster Richard Mosley was very professional and informing during the whole process, everything went smoothly with his help. I plan to recommend all of my family and friends when they become in need of a adjustment agent!”

Alberta Dorsey