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Risk Managers

When you submit an insurance claim, your insurance company employs a professional adjuster who evaluates the loss and recommends a settlement.  Their Adjuster is looking out for your insurance company’s best interests.

Our purpose is to look out for your best interests! We work for you, not the insurance company! Our Adjusters prepare, file, and negotiate maximum dollar settlements for your insurance claims.

No matter if you’re a homeowner, a business owner, a commercial property owner, or a condo association; whether you’ve experienced roof, structural, or content damage, we can help you receive the insurance settlement you deserve.

Our Commitment to you is ongoing, even if your insurance company has already settled your claim for storms or events in the past. Five Star Claims Adjusting can still help. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for buildings, homes, and communities just like yours. Our inspectors can uncover damage you didn’t even know existed. And, our services are paid from your insurance proceeds, not out of your pocket.


Property Management

  • When property has been damaged due to a storm, strong winds, or a fire, property management companies are left with the burden of pursuing an insurance claim for damages. In many cases, a property management company has contractors in place and ready to work; however, work cannot commence until a settlement has been made with the insurance company. The insurance claims process can be significant, especially if multiple units are damaged; costing the firm valuable time and resources.
  • Hiring a Public Adjuster can not only help expedite the insurance claim process, it can also ensure the management company is getting the maximum amount they are due for damages. When time is of the essence, hiring a public adjuster can significantly reduce the time a property management company must invest in the claims process.
  • The insurance company typically does send one of their adjusters to review the damage in due time, but they are not concerned with timely repairs. Having Five Star Claims Adjusting representing you from the very beginning of the claim process ensures that we keep the claim moving forward at all times and you have someone at all inspections representing you, your clients, and tenants best interests at all times.  We are an added value that we provide to your clients and owners.