Patrick Keane, PCA

About Me:

Patrick Keane was born and raised here in the Tampa Bay area. His main interests lay in playing baseball and making music, but after graduating from St. Petersburg Catholic High School he was given the opportunity to study horticulture in the beautiful state of Colorado. Upon moving there his love for travel and nature grew, where Patrick took extensive road trips across the country exploring our nation’s many cities and national parks. The road was an unforgettable experience, but home is where the heart is. When Patrick returned to St. Petersburg he began making music again and working with Ask an Adjuster as a member of the Estimating Department before becoming a Public Adjuster. 

Patrick has been with Ask an Adjuster since 2021 and a working musician around the Bay Area since 2019. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, kayaking and playing live shows.

Contact Info:

Patrick Keane
Public Claims Adjuster, PCA
License #W820211
Cell: 727.219.4327

4350 W. Cypress Street, STE 102
Tampa, FL 33607
Office: 813.324.6366  | Fax: 321.999.7528

Toll Free: 877.275.0275

Office Locations:

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