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Ask An Adjuster: Assistance in Filing First Floridian Insurance Claims in Florida

ATTENTION: You are submitting your information to NOT First Floridian insurance company. Our company represents homeowners and property owners to make sure they are compensated fairly for insurance covered losses. Insurance companies have adjusters who work for them. You have a right to have one working hard for you.

“First Floridian” is a registered trademarks of First Floridian insurance company.

File Claim: Schedule Public Adjuster

    Filing a Claim with First Floridian Insurance Company – what you need to know

    Homeowners Insurance Companies Have Adjusters on their Side, Shouldn’t You?

    Insurance companies are great. They make sure Florida area homeowners have coverage in the case of an unforeseen disaster. But they also are aggressive about watching out for their own ‘bottom line’.

    This is why insurance companies employ adjusters to look out for the insurance company’s best interests, not necessarily your own.

    At Ask An Adjuster we’re here to level that playing field, providing adjuster assistance when filing an insurance claim and fighting hard to make sure you and your family are justly compensated per the terms of your insurance contract.

    Assistance Filing a Claim with First Floridian Insurance Company

    Help with Homeowners Insurance Claims in Florida

    Filing a Homeowners insurance claim can be a frustrating experience, with the answers you provide having a direct impact on whether or not a claim will be approved, denied, paid in full, or paid in part.

    How to file a home insurance claim in Florida

    Homeowners insurance typically covers both personal property as well as your belongings in the event of theft, vandalism, or damage (such as that caused by a fire or storm). In order to get reimbursed for such damages, you must file a Homeowners insurance claim.

    Pro Tip: Most Homeowners insurance companies require a claim to be submitted no later than 12-months after the incident (the sooner the better).

    Homeowners Insurance Claims: How to File in Florida

    1. If appropriate, file a police report (your insurance company will require a copy in the event of theft or vandalism)
    2. Reach out to your insurance company’s support line
    3. Ask for claim forms
    4. Fill out the claims form accurately and truthfully
    5. Provide required documentation regarding the damage
    6. Take initiative to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage (this is your responsibility)
    7. Prepare for the adjuster (we can help)
    8. Get repair or replacement estimates from several area contractors
    9. Approval or denial process (up to the insurance company)
    10. If approved, receive a payout intended to be used for repairs

    What is a Public Adjuster / Adjuster Assistance?

    Insurance companies have their own ‘in-house’ adjusters that evaluate your property and provide information the insurance company will use to approve or deny your claim.

    Given that they are paid by the insurance company, one might worry they have an unspoken bias towards protecting the insurance company’s best interests (and pocketbook).

    This is why you would be wise to hire your own adjuster. A public adjuster is a licensed independent insurance professional that provides claims assistance and support, helping settle insurance claims and disputes.

    Worried that Your Claim Might Be Denied or Insufficiently Paid with First Floridian Insurance Company?

    We can help. Don’t let ‘big insurance’ push you into accepting a denial or payout that isn’t sufficient for repairs or replacement.

    Our adjuster assistance services can head off issues with insurance claims, by:

    • Putting together a comprehensive claims package
    • Providing the insurance company with evidence-backed data and information about how much they should be reimbursing you
    • Hand-holding you through the entire claims process

    We Believe You Deserve a Maximum Settlement for your Claim…do you?

    You pay a lot of money for insurance with First Floridian insurance company…sometimes for years or decades without a claim. But when the time comes for your Homeowners insurance to be there for you, will it?

    Many people are shocked to learn that their claim was denied or approved for a dollar figure that won’t fully cover costs.

    Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

    When it comes to filing a claim for damages to your residential or commercial property based in Florida, having a Florida public adjuster by your side is not just a great choice, but an educated decision. The public insurance claim adjusters at Ask An Adjuster, will work through your claim to get the best possible settlement for easy as 1-2-3!

    1. INSPECT - Your property and document damages

    2. CONSTRUCT- Your claim package and tell your carrier how much you are owed

    3. COLLECT - Your recovery so you can properly restore your property

    Handling your own claim without a Florida public adjuster is like going to court without an attorney. You could do it, but without knowledge of the rules and procedures, you might be at a sizable disadvantage. 

    According to a study by the Office Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), policyholders with public adjuster representation lead to higher average payments — sometimes considerably higher. The study’s example of the average compensation for 2005 hurricane claims in Florida were 747% higher when a public adjuster was involved.

    What our clients are saying

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    “Heather was very professional and efficient! She handled all of the difficult stuff that comes with filing a claim with your homeowners insurance. Would definitely recommend.”

    Ashley Powell

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    “Fred & Roger Wow!!! My case with them took only 3 months. My insurance company was a pain in the butt. Fred and Roger made sure I got my roof replaced in a great time frame. They got me the money I needed for my entire roof project due to damage done from hail storm and past hurricanes. Not only were they there every time my insurance company showed up. But they also made sure the insurance company wrote every single piece of damage down. These two will not fail you. 1am a veteran and a lot of people don't care about veterans but these 2 kind human beings made sure I was fully taken care of. Needless to say I will never go back to that insurance company but I will go back to Ask An Adjuster if Ineed help with anything else. Thank you so very much Also Everyone in the entire office was welcoming and caring."

    Dhari Sena

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    “This was the second time we worked with Kathy and this was a total breeze! We had hail damage from last March 2019 and she was still able to submit the claim and get it covered for us in less than a month! This was a super fast process and she got us more money than the insurance had originally proposed.”

    Lexie Marchetti

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    “Luci is my Adjuster. Very professional, on time, very knowledgeable in what he is doing and will deliver what he promises. He will walk you through every step of the process. Follows up by phone and emails. He will hold your hand and guide you. Very honest and trustworthy. I will recommend him over and over.”

    Clare Campbell

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    “We had 6 different insurance claims resulting from Irma. As an HOA president, I vetted 4 public adjusters. Five Star Claims Adjusting vetted out the best for our needs. They are professional, experienced and focused on their mission. They were successful in all 6 cases getting us the funds to repair our damages, which was significantly more than the insurance companies first offered.”

    Ken Coggins

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    “Professionals from the moment I contacted them. Worked with Lennette E. and she was very communicative and easy to contact from the start. Sat down and walked us through step by step, and was always available to answer our numerous questions with sincere interest. She was very knowledgeable on each step and was spot on about how the timeline of the process and what it would/could take. I recommend Ask an Adjuster to all who ask us about our roof. Thank you for all your help in this stressful process. Never felt such a sense of relief when she took over! Thank you, Lennette!”

    Tracy Keller

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    “Great service provided! Richard kept in contact every step of the way. He was friendly and awesome to work with! Explained things when i needed it and even did his best to always get me an answer! This process was smooth with no hiccups thanks to Richard.”

    Marissa Ricknauth

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    “Brian Knowles made getting my roof replaced so easy. I’ve recommended Brian and his company to my friends. Two of them have are using them.”

    Scott Lahodik

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    “We used Ask An Adjuster when they were 5 Star and couldn't be happier. We were at the negative end of dealing with our insurance carrier over hurricane damage when we contacted 5 Star. Chuck Keith stepped in, and within a relatively short time, the claim was resolved in our favor. All we did after contacting 5 Star was to sit back and watch Chuck do his magic. They saved us thousands of dollars!!!
    From what we see, the rebranded Ask An Adjuster is now bigger and better. We have signed up for the FREE inspection program and have breathed a hugh sigh of relief as we approach another hurricane season.”

    Maureen Moore

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    “The claim Adjuster Richard Mosley was very professional and informing during the whole process, everything went smoothly with his help. I plan to recommend all of my family and friends when they become in need of a adjustment agent!”

    Alberta Dorsey

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    Unhappy With the Settlement You Received From Previous Claims? There May Still Be Time to Get The Money You Deserve! Our Florida Public Adjusters Will Advocate For You

    If you’ve experienced damage from recent hurricanes, you still have time to file an insurance claim.

    Hurricane Irma Claims Have Now Exceeded Their Statute Of Limitations

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