Public Adjuster aids with roof leak repairs

5 Reasons Why You Need An Immediate Roof Leak Repair

Your roof leak might look like a small problem at first: a stain on your ceiling, a lifted or missing shingle, cracked roof tile, or dried-out sealer around roof vents. It might not even seem like something you need to address right away. When you think “how to seal a roof leak”, a roof leak

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Property Managers

3 Ways A Property Adjuster Helps Property Managers

If your home or apartment building ever gets damaged due to a storm, or some other natural disaster, or even fire, you should contact a property adjuster immediately. Ask An Adjuster’s public adjusters are always ready to respond quickly to your call and inspect the properties thoroughly to find out all the damages you have

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Assignment of Benefits legislation

Understanding the Florida Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Bill

Public Adjusters and Attorneys are the only ones legally allowed to negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company. Contractors are no longer allowed to use “Assignment of Benefits” to assist with claims for property owners. The Florida AOB Bill Explained The AOB Reform bill is a law that takes effect July 1, 2019. It prevents contractors from

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